Workstations & Desk Clusters

Optima – Single Wave Desk Cluster

The Optima Wave desk cluster is a simple but stunning design with built in cable management.

Ref: WDC 008 


Novo Call Centre

The Novo Call Centre desking range offers fantastic value for money and combines style with sturdiness.

Ref: CCDA 004 


Optima – Modular Office Desk Cluster

Workstation & Desks - 4 Seater crescent shaped office desk cluster with meeting table.

Ref: WDC 013


Tenley – Double sided desk combination

Desk clusters - the Tenley double desk with built in pedestals offers fantastic value for money.

Ref: WDC 002


Linnea – Crescent Desk Duo

Workstation & Desks - Crescent Desk Workstations with side filer - suitable for any office.

Ref: WDC 005


Kassini – Crescent Modular Office Furniture

Workstation & Desks - Stunning Crescent Modular office desks.

Ref: WDC 011


Gate – Italian 4 Person Crescent Workstation

Gate is a stunning Italian modular workstation in a beautiful crescent shape to seat 4 people.

Ref: WDC 009 


Tenley – Call Centre and Workstation Desk

Workstations and desk clusters - the Tenley 120 degree cluster desk, perfect for call centres.

Ref: WDC 001


Optima – Desk & Storage Workstations

Workstation & Desks - Modular office desk workstations with a silver cantilever frame and desk storage.

Ref: WDC 014



Workstations - The Optima Wave Workstation has a unique and eye-catching shape which would work perfectly in any office environment or call centre.

Ref: WDC 006


Bespoke – Bench Desk with Storage

This fantastic bespoke bench desk can be designed the way you want it in various materials and colours. The overhead storage is an optional extra worth having.

Ref: BD 018